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Outdoor LED Lighting CITEL SPD Technology


Where do we put the SPD?


  1. A generic LED post top luminaire
  2. The ‘cut away’ section of the generic LED luminaire shows the LED driver. In front of the driver (electrically speaking) is the SPD.
  3. The MLPC1 is a new generation SPD specifically designed for LED luminaires. It measures 59 X 40 mm. There is the choice of screw terminal which means a depth of 20.5 mm or spring connection which means a depth of just 17 mm. The housing is suited to mounting on a gear tray with diagonal fixing points. The MLPC1 is a Class I product. For Class II applications there is the MLPC2.
  4. In the event of failure, the green LED indicator goes off. To assist the service electrician, we recommend labelling to provide guidance. This shortens the fault finding process, saves time, money and makes sure that the actions taken on site are correct.
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