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Outdoor LED Lighting CITEL SPD Technology



The MSB10V-400DE has been specifically designed for the world of outdoor LED lighting. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to specification and European approvals. It is compact yet combines two surge protection technologies, MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) and GDT (Gas Discharge Tube). Combined they represent the optimum protect ion system for vulnerable outdoor LED luminaires. In this study we see a post top luminaire hit by lightning being inspected and repaired.

  1. Power is applied and nothing is working.
  2. The SPD green indicator light is 'OFF' telling us that the device has failed.
  3. The terminal block is unplugged and the SPD removed from the gear tray.
  4. 'Telltale' signs of a powerful surge event.
  5. The replacement unit is connected, the green indicator light is 'ON' telling us that the device is working normally.
  6. Hey Presto! Everything works.

The big story is cost saving. There is a choice and its simple. Insure your lighting asset with a CITEL SPD device or accept the risk that you will be replacing drivers and LED boards fitted in the luminaire.

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