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Polypak IP44-IK08 - Class 2 - Patented components

Lamppost Junction boxes

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Junction box to suit Ø110 pipe pole or larger

PolyPak has a reduced overall length. PolyPak can connect 3 power supply cables 4x25mm² or 2 power supply cables 4x35mm². LED luminaire or outgoing cables can be as many as 4 3x2.5mm². Output cable goes via the bottom or top. PolyPak will accept three DIN rail mounted accessories. Polycarbonate self-extinguishing construction. One piece clear front cover with twin retained fasteners. Protective flexible cone, for the frontal insertion and clamping of power supply cables.


Terminal block support removable without tools, for easy connection and rapid maintenance on site. Transparent window for viewing the protection components. Tool-free mounting by adjustable lugs over 120mm, or with M6 screw.

Technical specifications

Max capacity

  • Up to 2 network cables, 4x35mm².
  • Up to 3 network cables, 4x25mm².
  • Up to 4 outgoing supply cables 3x2.5mm²


  • Self-extinguishing polycarbonate.
  • IP44 in accordance with IEC 60529 (open junction box: IP2X).
  • IK08 in accordance with EN 62262.
  • Class 2 (can also be supplied with insulated earth terminal).
  • -40°C to +130°C.

Product standards

  • EN 61439-2.


  • Pre-wired with high-temperature silicone coated wires and crimped lugs.
  • Supplied with fuses, configuration labels and cable clamp.



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